480nm Studio is a 3D modeling and animation software suite that is still under development. Our goal is to create a professional tool for non-professionals, an alternative to the more complex and expensive content creation tools that are out there. We believe that advanced skills and expensive software should not be needed when creating new or combining your existing models, animating them, and finally seeing the content on your devices: whether it’d be a computer, Oculus Rift, HoloLens, or any of the other VR/AR devices on the market today.

Available in Alpha

480nm is currently in the Alpha stage, which means that it is not yet completed or as stable as we would like it to be. But in order to create the ideal product that everyone could enjoy, we need your feedback. We are looking for dedicated and brave individuals to help us. The software is completely free, and gives you an early opportunity to experience all that 480nm Studio has to offer. Moreover, participating in the program allows you to provide us crucial feedback in shaping the final product. We are a team of very dedicated developers, but what we really need is your opinions. You, the content creators!

Join us on the forum to report bugs and participate in the discussions. No programming experience is necessary or needed, but familiarity with digital content creation tools, especially 3D content, would be helpful. Early Alpha versions are expected to be incomplete, unstable, and subject to frequent changes.

Available for Free

(For non-commercial and evaluation purposes)

That is right! You can download and use it for free so long you do not benefit financially from using it. It is also free for a 30-day evaluation period if you’d like to consider it for commercial usage.

Commercial Usage

While we are excited that you are considering 480nm Studio for your work, we are not yet comfortable to say that it is ready. Yet, if you don't mind the occasional issues or problems, we would be more than happy to see you use it - all we ask is that you make a donation for what you believe the software is worth. Please see the donation page for more information.