Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft's Windows®

If you’re using 32-bit version of Window, please let us know. We might provide 32-bit builds if there is a demand.

Graphics cards

Generally speaking, 480nm Studio supports all Direct3D 11-capable graphics cards. Nevertheless, we recommend using a dedicated 3D graphics card with an AMD or NVIDIA chip set. High-performance graphics chips are currently already available in mid-range laptops. Make sure that you always use the most current certified graphics card driver (no beta versions).

Due to the large number and types of available chip sets, operating systems, and driver versions, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of all systems. As always, please use the latest version of the software to test its compatibility on your computer. It is free.

If you’re using graphics card that does not support Direct3D 11, please let us know, we might provide a simplified Direct3D 9 viewport if there is a demand.